What is this?

It’s an opinionated blog about video games run by a 20 year old dude who lives in Maine. Expect reviews, opinions, rants and videos.

My review system is different. I give games commendations called Badges. These can be things like Recommended, Worth A Rental, Inspirational, Boring, etc.

You’ll see a few different kinds of reviews. Along with the standard full review and previews, I do Miniviews for content I feel can be covered within three paragraphs. I usually do these during busy weeks and figure it gives the tl;dr crowd something they have the patience to read. The other project I’m working on right now is Retroviews, which is where I review game of the past by the standards of its time and then of present time.

For a rundown of the current Badges, click here.

If you want to write a guest article, you can let me know on my facebook.

You can also send me it via e-mail at Linkist@mainegamers.com.


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