My review system is different. I don’t give it a score. Instead I give it commendations called Badges. Here is a list and some info on current Badges. I add more every once in a while.

*Recommended – This simply means I recemmend the game. It’s worth the full MSRP.
*Hilarious – The game offers tons of funny moments that is sure to get you laughing.
*A Complete Mess – The design is wrong in almost every way.
*Rental – It is worth a $7 rental, borrowing from a friend, or grabbing in the bargain bin.
*The Reason To Own A Console (Console) – The definitive experiece on that console.
*Boring – The game is boring.
*They Slipped Up – The game could have been good. It wasn’t.
*Inspirational – The game offers inspiring dialog and a heartwarming story.
*Dramatastic – The game has epic plots and plenty of tearjerking moments.
*Skip It – Don’t buy it, or even play it for that matter.
*Laser Battles – Laser Battles.
*Jawdropping – Lots of “HOLY SH*T” moments with some “OH MY GOD” moments
*True Horror – Honestly fear inducing, not typical jump scares.
*Top Of The Genre (Genre) – The paradigm of that genre. What others aspire to be.
*Legitimately Creepy – Jump scares, lonely enviornments, creepy all around.
*Cheap – It’s a cheap game..
*Indie Perfection – Braid, Super Meat Boy, Castle Crashers, FEZ, etc.
*One Of A Kind – Nothing out there like it.
*Not much content – Too much open space or aimless wandering. Pointless tasks.
*Skippable – Like “Skip it” but not 100%. It’s worth checking out if you’re into that genre.
*Cheap and Great! – It’s a cheap game, and totally awesome.
*Repetitive – Same game over and over and over and over…
*Replayable-Friendly – You’ll want to play this game forever.
*Hours of Content – You will be playing this game forever.
*Evolution of a Franchise – A Sequel or Prequel that changes for the better.
*Nostalgic – Brings you back to the good ol’ days.
*LOOT! – White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, GOLD!
*Awesome New Content – Optional content that is good or better.
*Genre-Blending (Genre) – Combining more than one genre in a good way.
*Predictions Imminent – You will see an hour into the plot before they even utter a word.
*Plotless – Lack of a plot which leads to boring moments.
*Stripped – The gameplay is striped of genre standards in a bad way.
*Short and Sweet – It’s short, but still oh so good.
*Fan-must-play – If you’re a fan, you gotta give this a go.
*Co-optimal – Excellent Co-op


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