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Opinion: The Age Old Criticism and How it’s Partially Blindsided

The age old idea that “graphics don’t make the game” definitely has a lot of truth to it. You can make a wonderful game without amazing graphics. However, aesthetics are an important piece to particular kinds of games, helping to weave memorable and powerful narratives into your gameplay experience.

I see this video as proof:

When you add the extra layers on via graphics and sounds, it greatly improves the mood and environment of your game, which in turn greatly improves the experience the player has exploring those areas and creating memories while playing your game.

The Wii U was a good console and it leveled up Nintendo’s IPs aesthetically (1080p Mario Kart, Wind Waker, Pikmin look great), but I really hope the NX takes the next step to a real upgraded experience comparable to, say, the N64 or Gamecube eras.

Wii and Wii U were cool (well, at least the Wii U), but I’m ready for a traditional 3D Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, etc., experience on vastly improved hardware that’ll give us the kinds of memories from the N64/GCN eras that I still live with today.

I can remember the first time playing Mario 64 after getting an N64 for Christmas. The first time seeing Ocarina of Time on a Wal-Mart demo blew me away. The time I opened my Nintendo Power and seeing how visually improved Super Smash Bros Melee was over it’s predecessor had me calling friends to tell them how excited I was. I recall the unveiling of the Space World 2000 Zelda trailer and feeling immeasurable amount of excitement for what was next.

I’m ready for the NX to be something big. If it’s not, I’m not sure how excited I could ever be for a Nintendo console again. When one programmer can create a visually impressive demo like this and Nintendo won’t, it makes you wonder if they’ll get back to serious business again.

Using graphics and sound, you can further send a player on a magical journey while threading a whimsical narrative through the outer shell of the gameplay creating lifetimes of memories, fans and followers.

Our generation will probably be using some of these stories similar to how fairy tales are now.