Monthly Archives: July 2014


Sorry that a glitch that effects less than one percent exists in a title developed by 2 people. 

I seriously hate “gamers” nowadays. I’m definitely going to sound like a hipster saying shit like this, but gaming has become so mainstream it hurts.

Playing Call of Duty doesn’t make you a hardcore gamer. Playing, experiencing, socializing about, reading about, writing about, researching development, supporting and being passionate about games is what makes you a TRUE hardcore gamer.

It’s sickening watching “gamers” literally SHIT on an independent developer consisting of TWO employees because they won’t patch a glitch that effects less than one percent of the players. Why won’t they patch it? Because they owe Microsoft lots of money, and patching a game on XBLA/PSN costs you a total of $40,000 dollars to get it re-certified. 

Play the game for what it is. Give it credit where it’s due. Experience what the developers intended you too. Read and write opinions. Attend gaming events and parties! Host your own! Look into your favorite developers. “Yeah, I saw a game I wanted so I pirated it” – F*CK YOU, BUY IT. Be passionate. 

Gaming is no longer an activity associated with 30 year old virgins in their mom’s basement. Be mature about it. It’s the fastest growing entertainment industry OF ALL TIME.

It’s a BIG f*cking deal.