Bonus Round: EA is the Worst

Geeks, gamers, nerds, whatever you prefer to call us… we’re one of the most powerful driving forces for what we believe in. We’re such an influential group we have been able to name Electronic Arts, a greatly-despised video game publishing company, “Worst Company in America” two years in a row. No company has ever achieved this award twice until now. 

A game publishing company who is accused of overworking employees, selling incomplete games, making poor development decisions, etc beat out companies like Bank of America, Walmart and AT&T.

It’s just amazing to me, to look at a community I’ve been apart of my whole life and see us all working together despite our differences to show a company that has a hand in the creation of things we love that they’re doin’ it wrong. 

Obviously Electronic Arts is NOT the worst company in America, it’s probably Bank of America, Comcast, Walmart, or BP. You know, people who have done things like repossessed homes via faulty mortgages, attempt to censor you on the internet, imported their products from sweatshops or spill 180 million liters of oil into the ocean ruining ecosystems and killing animals.

Sadly when companies like the ones listed above get the award, nothing changes. Nobody cares. When EA won it last year their stocks took a hit, and us voting again is another attempt to wake them up. Sadly, voting in an internet poll can only go so far, and if we want to truly wake them up, we need to do so via our wallets.

It’s hard for some people to consider video games art, especially when the most powerful people in the field are throwing annoying DRMs, day-one DLC, always-online requirements and microtransactions in your face.

EA sucks, Bank of America is probably worse, geeks will inherit the earth ;)


One thought on “Bonus Round: EA is the Worst

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