What’s Happening

I feel as though I’ve been excruciatingly busy lately, so I’m going to give you all a run-down on what’s up lately.

As you probably know, I’m back in school for the semester. College is just as fun as ever, complete with eight and a half hour days, plenty of homework, note taking and struggling to stay awake. Not all is upsetting however, because on campus (Eastern Maine Community College) some of the local dorm students have started up an EMCC Gaming League! They are doing their first two events on Monday and Tuesday Feb 4th and 5th, respectively. Featuring Halo 3 on Monday and Mortal Kombat 9 on Tuesday, I will be attending the Tuesday event in hopes of securing victory with my ever-evolving Ermac gameplay. It will be fun, indeed. I look forward to more events like this hosted by the fine fellows who organized it.

Outside of class, I continue my struggle at McDonald’s. Working fast food isn’t so bad, especially since it works around my class schedule wonderfully. I’ve been picking up extra hours in an attempt to acquire enough money for a Wii U, the slew of games coming out this month and next, as well as PAX East next month. I’m going to have to pick up the extra slack on top of what I’m doing outside work to secure my foundations. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, so I expect all hell to break loose in the food industry as we try to satisfy every customer that walks through our doors.

At home, I’ve been plotting with friends and community members about many projects we’ve all been working on. Expect an awesome upcoming monthly (maybe more often if we can) 15 minute+ video of fellow gamers discussing games of the past, games of the future and industry stuff in general. I plan to do sit downs in my room sometimes with a camera pointed at us, and other times we will use Google Hangouts to do sessions with many members as well as some who are out of state. Not only do I have this project in mind, but I will also be involved in at least one other proposed project from a friend of mine who has some excellent ideas sprouting right now. I’ll let you know what this unannounced project is as soon as we have it locked down and good to go.

Other than that, I’m still actively running 04401 Gaming as well as doing my best to help the Maine Fighting Gamers’ Alliance and Maine Gamers bring their ideas to life. It’s hard juggling this many communities (there are other, minor ones as well) but I am trying my best to help everyone. 04401 Gaming is currently looking for a new admin, and if you think you have what it takes check out the group and fill out an application (you can find the group on the top bar). Keeping civil discussion and respect towards fellow gamers is what 04401 is all about, so join up and help in the discussion!

I think this is the most I’ve ever had on my plate at one time and have been finding it harder and harder to find time to actually PLAY games. I recently got Gamefly and barely got to play the games I received before feeling uncomfortable about how long I was keeping rented games. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep Gamefly, but I have until March to decide because of all the free months I had (three) so I am going to continue using it until it’s out of time and decide then if it’s good for me to have or not. A big problem is that I usually would rather just add the games I’m renting to my collection instead of spending the money trying them before buying them. I’m a hoarder like that.

Then comes my social life. Struggling to spend time with friends has become harder and harder with this huge load of time consuming activities I seem to have decided to place upon myself for the time being. I find my primary form of communication with most of my good friends has become facebook and skype. Kind of sad, but it’s a reality that I hope will change once spring rolls around.

Next week I am planning on having a Nintendo Land review, then maybe Scribblenauts Unlimited (depends on when I get it) and then finally, a Wii U review. I also hope to pump out my Paper Mario Sticker Star video review that I should have done a while ago and just didn’t have time to. Looking forward is sometime I like to do a lot, especially when the future looks as promising as it does right now.

So obviously I’m keeping busy. Stay tuned for tons of awesome stuff by yours truly in the coming days. Thanks for supporting me and what I do!


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