Miniview: Lucky

By Andrew Williams

Leave it to Lucky.

Throughout the ages of gaming, Graphic Adventure games have always opened the minds of the young and old who decide to take on the adventure. From the old time Myst for the PC, to the newer flashed based games like the Several Journeys of Reemus, Graphic Adventures usually provide challenging puzzles, mind wracking riddles and an uplifting lesson or sense of accomplishment.

Lucky is no different. For only 80 Microsoft points, you can embark on an adventure of a young rich man just finishing a one night stand. Soon to find out the girl he had just spent the night with was going to inform him of his demise. Like most people would, the young man continued his day, not knowing that the prediction would actually happen. Now that he is dead, he spends his time venturing through the afterlife finding himself and the truth about your family.

Lucky has some faults but also comes with some treats for those who play. The game only has one solid track that plays the whole game, mind you the game only takes about 30 min to beat and the song was well done. You won’t necessarily be pulling your hair out. The graphics are decent for an indie game. The typical still scenery gets interrupted with unexpected cinema that seems to have been done by your standard 3d animation. Now I am not saying the animations are terrible, they are better than most indie games. I personally give a thumbs up to Guy Galer, the creator of this game.

For your simple “point and click” graphic game it leaves a little bit of the challenge. Items stand out dramatically which makes the game way too easy. The riddles and maze section also leaves a person saying, “That was too easy.” The story of Lucky is what makes me say everyone should play it. Although the game has personally changed my mind about certain things, I would not play this game again just because of the linear game-play. All in all, Lucky is one of the better indie games for the Xbox Live Arcade and worth the 80 points.


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