Community: Challenge #1!

I am very pleased to announce two things! The first being, a new kind of article! You can expect Community Articles from time to time that are based around our Bangor gaming community! Check us out on our facebook at! The second being my new contests I am rigging up for all the readers, and to try to drum up a bit more community support. The goal of these contests is to bring the community together and drive power to the gaming community with prizes like Microsoft Points, Gamestop giftcards, and even sometimes a full game!

The contests will be things everybody in our community will be able to strive to achieve. Expect things like the following:

  • Article/Comment writing contests
  • Game night challenges
  • Gamerscore/Trophy contests
  • Video challenges
  • Random puzzle challenges I will occasionally pull out of my ass
  • And much more

As such, I am excited to get this underway! The first contest will be an article contest!

Challenge #1

1) Join the 04401 Gaming Group at
2) Share this blog post on facebook!
3) Write a gaming article, it can be an opinion entry, review, rant, etc. Anything you want. Send the article as an e-mail to

Every member who fills these requirements will be entered into a drawing for one $10 Gamestop gift card! The winner will also have his or her article featured on the blog!

What are you all waiting for? Submissions are due on Friday and the winner will be announced Saturday! Get writing!

As a final note, I plan on turning this blog into a full on Bangor Gaming Community website. Anybody who is interested in writing, designing, or administering the site, send me a message on facebook.

Let’s get going, people!


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