Miniview: Home

    Home is a classic pixilated horror adventure game by indie developer Benjamin Rivers. The player awakens in a dark house by himself, without the slightest idea of where he is. As you explore the decrepit and lonely house, pieces of the ultimate puzzle start to unveil themselves. The game is interesting because although you find clues, the ending of the game is entirely up to the player. He/she decides with the evidence they have found, what exactly happened to the protagonist’s loved ones. Was there a murder, or was there something much, much bigger… that is for you to decide!

    Home is a really, really cool take on the classic adventure game. The story is determined by what the player decides to find, pick up and piece together. It’s a little short only running about 30-60 minutes, depending on how you play. It took me personally about 65 minutes to complete. That being said, you will probably want to play through it multiple times to get a different perspective on what may have happened. The visuals are great and, although it’s pixilated, it’s really easy to determine what you’re looking at. The sounds are creepy, mysterious, and the reason I was legitimately uncomfortable at times. I found myself looking over my virtual shoulder while playing this game. There is no save feature, so you will have to play the entire thing in one sitting. It’s okay though, because you’ll probably get hooked like I did and want to keep pressing forward to find the next clue. This is a great game, and priced at about $3 on Steam, although it’s on sale until Sept. 7th for $2.50. This is a great investment if you’re into horror, indie, or adventure games. I suggest this game!



*One Of A Kind

*Legitimately Creepy

*Cheap And Great!

I give Home a 4/5.

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