Review: The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead

    The latest entry in Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead was nothing less than the best of the bunch. It retained all the feel the previous episodes successfully demonstrated and brought in the biggest plot bomb the series has seen yet. I don’t use the phrase “bomb” lightly either. Every single chapter left me in awe thinking “What the hell just happened!” with that familiar feeling of sweet, sweet shock the previous two episodes shoveled into my gaming diet. The decision making is the best yet, you feel actual guilt with the consequences, and it seems at every turn something is screwing the Macon survivors over. This episode is nothing short of the best of the three first episodes and here is why.

     Telltale Games is known for their well-designed adventure games, and the Walking Dead is one of the best they’ve done yet. The decision making in this episode was perfectly aligned with how the comic series demonstrates moral vs ethical choices. As conversations would start spinning out of control I actually felt panic within myself to not say something that I might regret. Sometimes, the thing I thought was a good idea to say left me feeling completely guilty, and this is what the game thrives on. Telltale designed it so you would feel those consequences in full force. It’s one of the best things in this game. Sometimes you face tough decisions, such as, a friend vs a friend. Who will you side with when the time comes? Was it the right decision for the entirety of the group?

    The game continues to have pretty awesome visuals, looking as if they came right out of the comic series. I couldn’t ask for a better stylization for the environment and characters. The sound also continues to play a powerful role in the gameplay. During actions scenes it builds you up, and during downtime it keeps you calm. When something bad happens, the lack of sound just fits perfectly. The voice acting continues to be so good that you oftentimes get lost in the awesome storytelling that they offer in this package. You can feel the different characters relationships through their voice and attitudes towards each other, and that’s exactly how this drama story should be.

    The characters are really starting to become one with the apocalypse. They’re growing up if they’re young, and they’re evolving if they’re adults. Some of them are even losing their minds. With bad stuff seemly coming at them from every corner, the characters better mount up fast, because this episode takes no prisoners. It’s the most intense, action packed episode to date. That being said, it’s probably the most emotional episode to date as well. It honestly caught me off guard, because I was expecting it to feature more downtime than previous episodes.

    Overall, this is my absolute favorite episode thus far. I am incredibly excited for Episode 4 to see the follow up in the story, and to see if Telltale can produce another emotional experience as good at this one. It’s always fun to see how Lee Everett makes tough decisions all while trying to protect Clementine, physically and mentally. He doesn’t want her to see how truly screwed up the world is yet, but knows he can’t fully hold a blinding mask in front of her. Clementine, on the other hand, seems to be starting to recognize the true horrors of this hope-forsaken undead-thriving world they now live in.





*Top Of The Genre (Adventure)

I give The Walking Dead Episode 3 a 5/5.


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