Opinion: A Heated debate, PC vs Console!

One of the most common differences between two gamers can be as simple as this: Console or PC? Half of you will probably yell “Console FTW!” the other half replying with “PC MASTER RACE!”. Honestly I’ve always been a Console gamer, but I do game on my PC when I can. I rock a relatively cheap Toshiba laptop so I can’t run much, just the basics (Minecraft, Morrowind, Team Fortress 2, etc.). I’ve always wanted to compare the two side by side, so that’s what this post is about.

Let’s start out with console. My theory about console is as simple as this. Most of us console gamers grew up on console because it was a “family entertainment system.” Being raised on console is oftentimes what keeps us loyal to the consoles. Not to mention consoles are perfect for when you have company over at your house, the guest can simply pick up the second controller and join in the fun. That being said, I’d like to add it’s loads more fun to play games with people who are sitting next to you than it is with people over the internet. I’ve always thought there really is nothing quite like having a few friends over with soda and chips playing your favorite multiplayer player game on a big screen TV setup in the living room. Some might argue that you can do many things on the PC that you can also do on the consoles, but I’ve always felt the consoles take away any hassle that you might have with the PC. No install times, no hard setups, just plug in and play. In addition to these reasons, I’d like to offer there are more legitimate* AAA console exclusives than there are AAA PC exclusives.

Now to PC. Playing video games on your personal computer has grown significantly in recent years. I have many friends migrating from console to PC every day. So what is it about PC that attracts so many people? I have decided to interview a friend of mine, Scott Rollins, who rolls with the PC as hard as I roll with the console. I asked him, “Why do you prefer PC over console”? He replied very similarly to how I did in my console theory. “The preference that I have for pc gaming comes from a very early part of my childhood to be honest. While the technology has evolved, and the visual interfaces may have changed, it’s still very much the same as ever. No new controllers to get used to. Keyboard, Mouse, a control setup that I have been using for nearly two decades now”! A very clear point. He proceeds to say, “I can’t say it’s because it has more or less games. Lately I’ve been enamored with the experience of DayZ. User content adds a whole new dimension, much like Defense of the Ancients stemming from a modification for Warcraft III, or what Steam is doing with their Steam Workshops to give popular games new content.”

Looking at these two detailed perspectives makes it clear the advantages of both. Console is easier to handle and better for on the spot gameplay with company. It also has more legitimate* AAA exclusives than the PC does. On the other hand, PC has kept the same control scheme from the start. You never have to get used to a new setup. That, and the infinite amounts of free user content to add to your gaming experience. Not a bad inclusion, indeed. Above all, I would like to point to both of our first factors. I grew up on console and he grew up on PC. I know several people who are diehard loyalists on both sides, and after asking a few more I got the same results. They grew up on their respected game station of choice. That being said, it doesn’t really matter what you play on, because we’re all gamers. Scott and I are good friends even though we don’t play the same.

What do you play, console or PC?


*Legitimate meaning, a true copy of the game. With Nintendo, Playstation, and Microsoft there is a huge chunk of games that are console exclusive. You can emulate almost any of them on a PC, but since it’s not legitimate, I don’t personally let that fly.

Special thanks to Scott Rollins for his input.


3 thoughts on “Opinion: A Heated debate, PC vs Console!

  1. DJ

    Steam has been the most important thing to happen to PC gaming in a long time, it really bridged the gap in PC games being easier to use. Long gone are the days of lengthy, weird installaltions, Steam pretty much takes care of it all in the background for most stuff, of course there is still some stuff that’s harder to do with computers


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