Opinion: Steven’s top ten songs in games. (Originally written October 27th, 2011)

10. Whistle theme by Riyou Kinugasa

Very memorable and catchy. I whistle it at work all the time.

9. Downstream by Shira Kammen

The song is memorable and is downright beautiful. An unbelievable song for an unbelievable game.

8. Guile theme by Yoko Shimomura

It goes with everything.

7. Corneria by Hajime Hirasawa

It’s a really exciting way to open an action game and fits right in with the first level.

6. Route 24 & 25 by Junichi Masuda

You hear this song at the start of your journey in Pokemon Red & Blue versions. You again hear it partway through your journey on routes 24 and 25. It gives me the feeling of progression, but with still a long way to go.

5. Nerevar Rising by Jeremy Soule

Very inspirational and brings this amazing RPG to life.

4. Green Hill Zone by Masato Nakamura

Hearing this song brightens my day. Its a great start to a video game and will remain in my heart forever.

3. Halo theme by Martin O’Donnell

Like Halo or not, this masterpiece is the grandfather of modern console shooters, and its theme song suits me just fine.

2. The Legend of Zelda by Koji Kondo

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite franchise in the history of mankind.

1. Super Mario Brothers by Koji Kondo

The Super Mario Bros theme is a classic. People who don’t even play video games have heard this song. It is an icon to gaming and represents the third generation of video games, which is the milestone that birthed later generations and brought North American gaming back from the dead.


Honorable Mentions
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Final Fantasy Victory

Droopy Likes Ricochet

Mortal Kombat

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3


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